Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Robotic Poster Design...~

Hello~ Last week i was helping my sister to design a poster for her Robotic Exhibition in UTEM.. its quite hard because i have to include every information that supposed to be in the poster such as...the scenario/ problem statement, objective , flow chart , snapshot every movement, snapshot code, robotic arm picture, advantages/ benefit and the conclusion...i want to make it as simple as possible so that it will not be too crowded.. so here is the result..:)

this is the result after she print it out in A1 size paper.. sadly the design only get 2nd place.. T T

Monday, December 12, 2011

Art Exhibition Poster and Banner Design..

For our 1st art exhibition project..i was chosen to design a poster and these are the design I created for our 2011 art festival & exhibition...


Flyer Design Assignment...~(food ads)


Book Cover Design..^^

My next assignment in the class is to design a book cover using graphic application software.. This is an individual project… In this assignment, we are only using vector that we designed on our own...and we can't "copy" and "paste" any picture from the internet...!!!! so we have to apply the whole thing we have learnt in class… since i love everything about makeup..i just apply it on my design...>.<...Here is my book cover result…XP

yeah.. im still learning to draw the hair texture...-_-"

Food Packaging Design Assignment..

The assignment was to design our own label and food packaging... I chose to design a sweet and yummy product! So I combined popcorn and marshmallow into one delicious and tasty looking food...>.< here is the final result of my design