Tuesday, March 27, 2012

mix culture art..

For my semester 1 deg art assignment..we had to make a painting based on Japanese, Indian, Chinese or Malay culture.. so i just did a random sketches on Indian (paisley pattern) and Chinese (flower painting) before continue to make the final painting...

my clean & clear contest..

WE MADE IT TO THE FINAL..! I recently being contacted by clean & clear, told me that we’ve made it to the final 20 and have been invited to attend the Girl-A-Thon Finale Event this 31st March! I can't believe it..! my sister also made it to the final with her BFF…i'm honestly happy if any of us win… I’ll be the luckiest person if I won the grand prize which is 3 days trip to Korea!!! >.< From what I know..Shortlisted pairs was selected based on the level of confidence in the photo submitted, fresh look on skin, and the chemistry between BFF…so I hope my best friend and I will do our best to compete in this competition and win the grand prize…!

picture which have been selected